Our expertise in custom furniture is specially designed for the kitchen, the heart of the home. Combining innovative design and high-quality materials, we create custom kitchens that meet your everyday needs and impress your guests. From spacious cabinets to functional islands, every detail is carefully thought out to bring practicality and elegance to your kitchen.


Turn your bathroom into a private spa with Bela's custom furniture. Our custom cabinetry, countertop, and mirror designs provide efficient organization and a relaxing environment. Using moisture resistant materials and sophisticated design, we create functional and luxurious bathrooms that take the grooming experience to the next level.

Living room

Make your living room the warm and elegant heart of your home. With our customized furniture, we create tailor-made solutions to optimize space, providing practicality and comfort without compromising style. From bookshelves and TV panels to modular sofas, each piece is designed to blend in seamlessly with the environment, adding sophistication and beauty to your living room.


Transform your bedroom into a personal retreat with Bela's custom furniture. With smart storage solutions such as bespoke closets and functional wardrobes, we can help you organize your belongings in a practical and stylish way. We create custom headboards, nightstands and other elements that reflect your unique style, providing a warm and relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom.

With our custom furniture services, we offer customized solutions for each room in your home, harmoniously combining aesthetics and functionality to make your home truly special and reflect your unique personality.